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brokerageOne key to Interstate Logistics’s success is the ability to grow with our customers’ demands. While our trucking division has many assets available, our brokerage division was put in place to handle all of our customers’ freight at the same great prices with the same exceptional service. With over 5,000 approved trucking companies in our database, we will always be able to handle your freight no matter what the volume. Also, more competition for your freight means lower rates by letting hundreds to thousands of trucking companies bid for your business.

All of Interstate Logistics carriers have current insurance and meet the same state and federal requirements that Interstate Logistics meets. Our qualified freight brokers are experts in the trucking industry and will treat your business with the utmost care. All of our brokers direct dispatch with their drivers to keep a tight line of communication no different from using our own trucks and drivers. Our brokerage department also gives you the freedom to move anything at anytime. Since we deal with trucking companies in every corner of North America availability will never be an issue.




Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does it mean to be an agent for Interstate Logistics, Inc.?

A: You are a contract broker (or "agent") for Interstate Logistics, Inc., in business for yourself, operating under Interstate Logistics corporate umbrella.

That means you would operate under our FHWA Authority as a transportation broker, be covered under our Surety Bond, and be included under our Supplemental Cargo and Liability Insurance.

Q: How do I become an agent for Interstate Logistics, Inc.?

A: You may contact Preston Pickrell at: ppickrell@interstatelogistics.com or 615-415-4273 or Lonnie Meeks at: lonniem@interstatelogistics.com or 307-747-2277.

Q: How do I get paid and what is the freight broker agent pay?

A: Agents are paid weekly commissions by direct deposit into your bank account. Your commission is based on a percentage of the gross profit of arrived loads for the previous week. A report would be sent to you weekly showing the loads that were billed and the commissions to be paid to you. You would verify the information, after which the funds would be deposited to your bank account by the end of the week. Your salary as a freight agent is up to you as the more freight you move the more money you can earn.

Q: Do you supply loads for agents?

A: No, we expect our agents to have their own customers with loads. However, we do provide all the tools and resources to find loads to move, plus a sterling record with thousands of carriers nationwide to help move the loads once you have them.

Q: Do you have a database of carriers available to agents?

A: Yes. Interstate Logistics provides established agents with the dispatch software that has a database of more than 5,000 approved carriers.

Q: When do my carriers get paid?

A: Our normal terms are 30 days from receipt of the bills of lading AND invoice in the home office. We also offer "quick-pay" to select carriers for a nominal fee.

Q: What about fuel advances to carriers?

A: Yes we offer fuel advances to carriers via comchecks that are issued from the home office.

Q: How are my customers approved?

A: You submit a credit application for your customer prior to moving any load. We evaluate your customer's creditworthiness to make sure that your efforts will not go unpaid.

Q: Do you offer dispatching software?

A: Yes. After joining our team, you will be given access to our servers, which run PCS software.