Project Cargo

project cargoMultiple loads, a slim timeline, and no margin for error? Your project is our business. We understand the sensitivity of company projects no matter the size. From beginning to end, our highly skilled operations team will coordinate all aspects of the move to take care of your business. With our advanced planning and conscientious staff, you can rest assure Interstate Logistics will be ahead of the game. Years of troubleshooting mean a contingency plan for extra drivers and diversions is always in place. Every project gets the undivided attention of one of our highly skilled team managers who will coordinate and communicate with you and your company from the very beginning to the very end. With Interstate Logistics’ focus and communication, we can handle any size job with no stress to you.

Past projects include:

  • Toyota manufacturing plant addition
  • Cirque du Soleil International repositioning
  • Nike end-of-year product fulfillment
  • Old Navy revitalization initiative
  • US Open media
  • Ryder Cup entertainment equipment

Over Dimensional/Specialized

Over DimensionalAt Interstate Logistics there is no piece or job too big for us to move. Over-dimensional and overweight loads are no problem for our team’s decades of expertise in the trucking industry. We have at our disposal multi-axle trailers for heavier freight, stretch trailers for over-length freight, drop trailers for tall freight, and trailers that accommodate all three oversize dimensions. We know that every over-dimensional load is different and can be problematic without the right resources at your disposal. Interstate Logistics works directly with permitting offices as well as escort and routing services to give you not only the most accurate rates from the beginning of the process, but also secure routing to ensure no delays for your products’ delivery.


transloadingIn the ever-advancing market of cost-cutting and freight consolidation, Interstate Logistics has embraced the transloading aspect of the industry. This gives you the ability to maximize the amount of freight which you can move at one time. It also cuts down on extra mileage and liner charges associated with empty container termination throughout the country. Those savings combined with the ability to package and ship your products to varied specifications can and will service your warehouse and/ or distribution center in a highly efficient manner.

The new way to ship –

With the ability to transload at every major hub in the continental United States, YOU now have the power to control your freight. Our warehouses are customs bonded and can repackage your product the way YOU want it, offering palletizing, shrink wrapping, flat rack stripping and loading services. Packages can be sorted by skid or by product.


LTLAs we entered the information age the need for precise pricing and cost awareness has become paramount in every industry. Interstate Logistics understands that maximizing your shipping while minimizing your overhead is essential to staying competitive in today’s market. That is why we have been offering less then truckload shipments for years. This gives you the ability to give your customer better rates and retain your share of their business which will further grow your business for years to come. Whether you have one crate or half a truckload, we will work with other customers to maximize the output on our trucks and minimize the hit to your wallet. We offer flatbed, van, and refrigerated LTL to better suit your particular needs. And even though there are multiple shipments from multiple customers on each trailer, you will still receive the same great customer service, planning, and communication that you receive on your full shipments. Call us today for a quote and see where Interstate Logistics can save your company on its bottom line.


expeditedAn understanding of time sensitive material has helped bring Interstate Logistics to the forefront of the trucking industry since our beginning. We understand when customers spend extra, they expect extra. Interstate Logistics understands the dire need for timely delivery and constant communication on expedited shipments. With our experienced team drivers working in shifts, we will deliver your freight as fast as possible.

Added Security –

With two drivers working in shifts around the clock, you receive more than speedy deliveries. One driver always working and monitoring the load, providing your product with an increased level of security. High value and high visibility shipments are no longer a problem.